“Because of the engaging author events I’ve attended and writing workshops and SOMOS creates community which is vitally important. Thank you, SOMOS.” – Ana M.

“For all your programs and everything you do to feature writers and writing.”  – David & Carol F.

“It encourages new writers & supports & inspires Taos’s literary folks.”  – Jo C.

“The many events, poetry & prose months, how well it honors the arts.” –  Andrea W.

“No matter who you are as an author, SOMOS will help & encourage you to become a better author.” –  Linda H.

“The people, the books, the events – it’s so much a part of Taos’s reputation. It’s art – local – national – global!” –  Molly N.

“The amazing folks that make it happen.” –  Mya C.

“Words count! A group of people who honor that power can affect minds & hearts across the globe!” –  Iris K.

“There is nothing I don’t love: people, books, shop, workshops, readings, classes, prose month, writer’s conference, and all the celebrations of the word. I especially love the incubation and maintenance of writers and talkers.” –  Rhinda K.

“We have been loving the Zoom readings!” –  Ken & Janet T.

“So many workshops and readings and generous spirit! Thank you.” –  Barbara R.