The SOMOS Board of Directors anticipates filling 1-3 board member positions in 2022. Potential applicants should review the information below regarding expectations and some skill-sets we are looking for. If interested, applicants should prepare a letter of intent explaining why they would like to join the board, what background and expertise they have to bring to the board and how they would contribute to the success of SOMOS. Applications should be addressed to Board President Maria T. Garcia and can be mailed or delivered to SOMOS by May 1, 2022 at or POB 3225, Taos, NM 87571. The current Board of Directors will review applications, schedule interviews, create a short list and make final decisions as board openings arise.


Passion for the SOMOS mission (refer to our website)*.
Membership in SOMOS (currently, minimum $35/annually)*.
Commitment to a three-year term*.
Attendance at bimonthly meetings and others as required*.
Willingness to give time, energy and resources to support the SOMOS mission*.
Good interpersonal skills.*
Willingness to participate in fundraising*.


Previous experience with non-profit organizations.
Specific skill-sets needed (one or more of the following):

Experience organizing and implementing fundraisers for non-profits.
Experience recruiting volunteers.
Experience in construction, remodeling, real estate.
Current connections with municipal, charter and private schools in Taos County.
Experience in small business management/marketing/finance.
Second language speaker (Spanish, Tiwa or other).
Up-to-date social media/IT skills.
Informal legal work experience.
Journalism and/or broadcasting experience.

Note those qualities marked with an * are required.