Poetry & Art in Public Places

(currently Poetry & Art in Virtual Spaces)

Description of Project

“Poetry & Art in Public Places” is a collaboration of SOMOS and the Taos Arts Council for April 2020 National Poetry Month. Originally intended to be displayed in coffee shops, Town facilities and galleries during the month of April 2020, the project will now exist online on the SOMOS website with hopes to bring it out into the public when that becomes possible.

“Poetry & Art in Public Places” is an ekphrastic project created by more than forty Taos artists and poets. The project asked poets and artists to respond to one another’s work. Eleven artists read a poem by a Taos poet and created a new piece of art in response to their poem. Eleven poets looked at a piece of art from a Taos artist and wrote a poem in response to their artwork; many of these artists were selected for the Taos Lamppost Banner Art project, a project of Taos Arts Council and the Town of Taos.

Taos artists responded to a poem written by Taos poets:

  • Maye Torres (107-B) – “Steel Song” by Phyllis Hotch
  • Lysa Montwill (Dragonfly Blue) – “Untitled” by Joshua K. Concha
  • Greg Moon (Greg Moon Art) – “Immigration Laws” by John Biscello
  • Michael Gorman (Michael Gorman Gallery) “In Case of Loss, This Girl” by Lise Goett
  • Rick Romancito – “And What” by Jomo Chiteji
  • Rob Nightingale (Wilder Nightingale) – “Untitled” by Andrea Watson
  • Peggy Griffey (Untitled Fine Art) – “There is a place, an island made of island, in a sea made of sea, where I have been” by Veronica Golos
  • Michael Archuleta (Michael McCormick Gallery) –“Roadrunner: The Chosen Prophet – An Excerpt” by Olivia Romo
  • J. Matthew Thomas – “Time” by Grace Yong
  • Georgia Gersh (Magpie) – “Waltraud’s Horse” by Ariana Kramer
  • Bill Baker (Michael McCormick Gallery) – “Revolution” by Michael McCormick

Taos poets responded to a piece of art by Taos artists:

  • Judith Rane –”Gold Hill” Oil on Canvas by Linda Hoag
  • Isobel O’Hare –”Whale Watcher” Ink Drawing by Marc Martinez
  • Alan Macrae – “Mesa Sunset” Photograph by Rick Haltermann
  • Linda Fair – “Coyote Eyes” Photograph by Geraint Smith
  • Benjamin Teitelbaum – “Black and Blue Bird” Metal Sculpture by Scott Randolph
  • Margery Reading – “Lifeblood” Photo Encaustic by Nina Anthony
  • Rebecca Borrego – I’ll Fly Away” Oil Paint and Gold Leaf on Canvas by Mel Scully
  • Julia Daye – “Sunny Sunday” Oil on Canvas by Krysteen Waszak
  • Sara Jean Gray – “Latilla – Summer Sunset Yellow” (Cropped) Acrylics on Canvas by Stephen Jatho
  • Carol Terry – “Milky Way Adobe” Watercolor on Paper by Christie Bundy
  • Olivia Romo – “La Madre Tierra” Acrylic on Wood and Masonite by Anita Rodriguez