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Black, Bonnie Lee: Content Editing

After you’ve drafted, written, and revised (multiple times) your manuscript; after you’ve shared it with your best readers (your loved ones, who would never say an unkind word to you); and before you hand it over to a copy editor for spit-polishing in advance of printing, it’s wise to turn to an experienced content editor for his or her objective input.
Why? Because a content editor could make all the difference in the success of your final product.
This is what content editors do: They act as an advocate for your outside reader (who is a stranger to you). They ask the tough questions, such as: Does this make sense? Is the writing as clear, cohesive, and compelling as it could be? Does the story keep the reader’s interest? Why would someone want to buy and read this book? And, most importantly, they give concrete suggestions for making your manuscript better.
If your purpose in writing is to amuse yourself and your entourage, make a book to give away as gifts to family and friends, you’ll likely save time and money by doing without a content editor. But if you plan to publish and sell your story (fiction or nonfiction) as a book -- that is, once you’ve graduated to the level of “professional” -- your product must be the best it can be, for your readers’ as well as your reputation’s sake.
A content editor must be honest, straightforward, experienced, helpful, and, at the same time, kind. I am a content editor. I have many years of experience editing book-length manuscripts, some of which have gone on to win prizes. My rates are competitive and realistic. I’ll be available for new manuscripts after October 2015. For more, please visit my website: www.bonnieleeblack.com or email me: bonnieleeblack@yahoo.com

Golos, Veronica

An expert editor for poetry, poetry manuscripts, memoir and non fiction. With years of experience, and depth of perception.

Livingston, Joan

You have spent months, maybe even years writing a novel or non-fiction book. Now you want to send it off to a prospective agent or an independent publisher. Perhaps you want to publish it yourself. Let me read it first.

Whether it is line editing or copy editing, I can help you make your book be the best it can be.

I am an editor with over 30 years experience as a journalist. I also write fiction. I understand how it works. And I have never missed a deadline.

Contact me for rates, and perhaps an interview either in person or via Skype. My email is joanclivingston@gmail.com. My website is www.joanlivingston.net.

O'Connell, Rita

Rita is a writer, editor, and communications consultant who hails from the mid-Atlantic and New England. She landed in Taos in 2007, immediately after receiving her undergraduate degree in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College.

Areas of expertise include the performing arts, rural policy, youth development, and digital communications.

Perez, David


David Pérez Writing & Editing Services

Honest • Supportive • Professional


I've been writing and editing a long time, and my mission is straightforward: to help you achieve your goals.


Perhaps you need an article to promote your artwork or your business. Or a jazzy profile that captures the essence of your creative vision, or juices up your nonprofit's mission statement.You might require assistance with historical research, someone with an eye for uncovering fascinating background for your memoir or magazine article.


One of my areas of expertise is helping writers read their work aloud. As we all know, great words on the page can fall flat if the writer fails to deliver them well. Drawing on my acting and public speaking experience, I can help make your words come alive in front of an audience. I've also evaluated screenplays and works of fiction, and excel in material with political and social content, the more radical the better. Want to explain the world and change it? Me too.


While I know my strengths, I also recognize where my experience might not be a best fit, and if necessary, I can direct you to someone who can help you better. Whether I'm constructing a article for you or evaluating your novel-in-progress, my motto is: honesty above all else.




We live in difficult economic times and my rates recognize that. The initial one-hour consultation is free. This includes a discussion of your work, and a review of 3 - 4 pages of your writing. For a thorough manuscript evaluation (150 - 300 double-spaced pages) I charge $300. Over 300 pages, the rate is $350.


My hourly rate is $35 - $45, depending on the scope of the project, and I require a minimum of two hours work. I'm always flexible on negotiating flat fees. In fact, this is often the best approach, once it's agreed that our skills, needs and vision are a good match.


To contact me, email dpereztaos@yahoo.com

Rico, Diana

Diana Rico is a seasoned editor, journalist, and documentary producer-writer with many national and international credentials. Diana edits award-winning fiction and nonfiction for University of New Mexico Press, University of Arizona Press, Shambhala Publications, and many other publishers and independent authors. Her staff positions have included being Art Writer of the L.A. Daily News, Editor-in-Chief of International Documentary magazine, and a Senior Producer-Writer for E! Entertainment Television. She is the former curator of the SOMOS Writers Series and has won fellowships and grants from the NEA, the Wurlitzer Foundation, the Harwood Museum of Art, and numerous other organizations. She specializes in the arts, biography, and spiritual/social issues. dianarico@earthlink.net