Taos Writers


Guevara, Cisco

Owner of Los Rios River Runners, New Mexico's oldest and largest rafting company, Cisco honed his storytelling skills around the campfire. A regular at the Taos Storytelling Festival, Cisco has told his tales to audiences as far afield as London and Paris, as well as to groups in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.


Nichols, Signe

Over 10 Years’ Experience Working with Authors and Publishers




Interior Book Design and Formatting, Print on Demand Formatting, Ebook Design and Conversion; Ebook Fixes and Updates; Ebook uploading



Special Projects; Social Media Promoting; Consulting; Information


Quality Service Guaranteed, Local to Taos


Signe Nichols



Terry, Carol

I will format the text of your book to prepare it for publication including help with cover design. I lay out and proof text files to be compiled in Kindle (ebook) or pdf (paper book) formats. You can then publish as an ebook to sell on Amazon and elsewhere. Or publish as a print-on-demand paper book to sell online, or print multiple copies and sell your book wherever you choose.

For more visit Carol's website: https://www.focusingwithin.com/.

Contact Carol Terry:   carol0126_2000@yahoo.com or 575-741-1786


Black, Bonnie Lee

Bonnie Lee Black is the author of three published memoirs: Somewhere Child (Viking Press, 1981), How to Cook a Crocodile (Peace Corps Writers, 2010), and How to Make an African Quilt (Nighthawk Press, 2013), as well as numerous published essays. Bonnie holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles (2007), and a BA in Literature/Writing (with honors) from Columbia University, New York City (1979). She taught English and Creative Writing at UNM-Taos for ten years. She now teaches an eight-week Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop through SOMOS twice a year. She writes a monthly column for The Taos News (www.taosnews.com/delicioso/) and maintains a blog called The WOW Factor (www.bonnieleeblack.com/blog/). For more, go to Bonnie’s website: www.bonnieleeblack.com.

Bleiler, Lyn

Lyn Bleiler is a freelance writer and author of Arcadia Publishing's Images of America Taos (2011) and Santa Fe Art and Architecture (2012). Lyn's articles have appeared in Somerset Studio, New Mexico Magazine, Trend Magazine, and EcoSource.  She is recipient of two Emily Harvey Foundation Venice, Italy Residencies (2009 and 2011/12), and a Pentales Hemingway Room residency in Berlin, Germany (2012). lyn.bleiler@yahoo.com

Burns, Cherie

Cherie's newest book is Searching for Beauty: The Life of Millicent Rogers, published by St. Martin’s Press in 2011. She has published two other books and has worked as a journalist in New York and southern California. She has lived in Taos since 2006.

Debiase, Johanna

Johanna DeBiase is a freelance journalist/blogger (Writer's Digest, xoJane, Bustle, edible Santa Fe, Transitions Abroad, Tempo) and fiction writer (Portland Review, Monkeybicycle, theNewerYork, Convergence, San Antonio Current, Gravel). Her fabulist novella Mama & the Hungry Hole (Wordcraft of Oregon, 2015) is forthcoming in June. She has earned scholarships to attend Vermont Studio Center and San Miguel Writer's Conference as well as a spot at the Rensing Center.

Green, Lorna

 My work has just been published both online and in hard copy by the Scientific God Journal. It deals with all kinds of contemporary things, from Consciousness, and Earth that is just as conscious as we are, A New Theory of the Universe Based on Consciousness, the near death experience, reincarnation, and the role that Donald Trump is playing in all of this. I have been given permission to share the completed work, just as it is online, with everyone, anyone can download it. It i also available for purchase on Amazon under the Scientific God Journal, Lorna Green, PhD

And so, it is, simply titled: Consciousness as the Organizing Principle of the Universe.

All feedback welcomed.

And I also invite all members of Somos to join me in my blog on WordPress: Metaphysics.blog The Truth About Consciousness.



Herrman, Lucy

Lucy Herrman is a writer and a poet. She writes a monthly cooking column for the Taos News. She has taught poetry workshops, and edited a literary small press. Her work has been published in journals, magazines and newspapers. She recently completed a screenplay/pilot for a television series. She is currently working on a memoir and also a cookbook.

703-585-1705 (cell)
575-776-2973 (home)

Jones, Scott Archer

Scott is currently working on his sixth novel. He lives in northern New Mexico, after stints in the Netherlands, Scotland and Norway, plus less exotic locations. . He’s worked for a power company, a lumberyard, an energy company, and a winery. He has three books out, through Southern Yellow Pine and Fomite.

Levy, Jim

Jim Levy is the author of Corazón (and Merkle), about two dogs; Cooler Than October Sunlight, poems from 1959 to 2014; The Poems of Caius Herennius Felix, a fictional work about a first-century Roman-Spanish poet; Joy To Come, literary and cultural essays; The Fifth Season, about depression, suicide and recovery, Rowdy’s Boy, a memoir of boyhood and adolescence, and Mar Egeo, fiction and memoir about travel.

Livingston, Joan

Joan Livingston is an author of novels for adults and young readers, including los Primos bilingual series. She recently released a novel Peace, Love, and You Know What, a comedy set in the early seventies.

For over thirty years, she worked as a journalist, including a reporter, columnist, and editor. Her most recent gig was the managing editor of The Taos News.

For more, visit her website www.joanlivingston.net.

MacNaughton, Anne

Anne is a writer, poet, editor, visual artist and educator. She co-founded both S.O.M.O.S. and the World Poetry Bout Association, producer of the famed Taos Poetry Circus. She founded the first competitive poetry contest for teenagers as well as the earliest competitive youth poetry team. She leads workshops, and often teaches creative writing and public speaking at University of New Mexico Taos.

Odin, Jane

Jane is a former professor at New York University School of the Arts where she taught performance techniques and was chairman of the voice department. Her recently published books Napoleon's Bathtub and Mousie: Diary of A Coon Cat Family are listed on Amazon.com.

Pruitt, Kat

Kat Pruitt, writer, painter, and former high school English teacher, has written two children's books entitled, Si' Si' the Circus Cat and Si' Si' and the Enchanted Circle both published by Pruggus Publishing.  Kat and her husband moved to Taos, their hearts' home, in 2009.  Si' Si' and her creator are both on Facebook.

Sagemiller, Greg

Greg Sagemiller has served several three year terms as Trustee of the oldest archaeological society in North America - the Archaeological Society of New Mexico. He is also past President and Program Chair of the Taos Archaeological Society. 

Smith, Jan

Jan Smith has been the curator for SOMOS since 2009. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College (6/14)and has had short stories and poems published in "Howl," "Chokecherries," and "The Pitkin Review." She was the scholarship recipient for the 2013 Taos Writer Award at the Taos Summer Writers Conference and a 2012 short story winner at Southwest Writers. In 2014 she won first place for an excerpt from her memoir, Blink Like Crazy, from Southwest Writers.


Banks, Tom

Just released poetry collection, "Jazz Music: Poems in the Rhythm of Life," Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, NM (Release date, July 1, 2013), ISBN 978-0865349568.

Tom's poems come from the (jazz) music he hears, rendered into language. He could be classed as a modern "Beat."

Daye, Julia

Julia Daye explores translation of experience through sound, word and body. Her work includes the 2010 compilation Rhythm and Pastime, and has been featured in the Plutzik Foundation's Literary Blog, "A Fistful of Words," and investigatingreality.com. Her current work sheds form, discovering the moving spirit through connection, wildness, sanctuary, loss, and empowerment.

Kavanaugh, Marshall James

Originally from Philadelphia, Marshall James Kavanaugh (1987 - ) is a dream laborer of words and various art forms used to create poetic dream spaces for his readership to explore. He has published two collections of short stories, a collection of haikus, and several small chapbooks of travel fiction with the small press A Freedom Books. When he is not living in Taos he usually can be found in the Philadelphia area with his two cats assembling dream catchers or building large TV installations.

Nevins, Bill


Bill Nevins is a poet and cultural journalist who lives in the mountains near Angel Fire and in Albuquerque. His poems have appeared in his book Heartbreak Ridge & Other Poems (Swimming With Elephants Publications) and in Malpais Review, Mas Tequila Review, Green Left Weekly, Special Forces Charitable Trust Journal and other publications. His journalism is in No Depression, RootsWorld, Local iQ, FIVE, TREND, NM Kids and other magazines.
He grew up in and near NYC, moved to NM 20 years ago and plans to stay here. Bill hosts the monthly Poetry at Krypton Blue series and the occasional Resolana readings in Albuquerque. He appears in the film "Committing Poetry in Times of War" and is working a new documentary feature film about New Mexico poetry. His poetic influences include WB Yeats, RB Warren, Gregory Corso, Kell Robertson, Terence Winch, Eileen Myles, Sharon Doubiago, Jack Hirschman and the late great Peter Rabbit of Taos.

Spalding, Julian James

Julian retired to Ashland, Oregon in 2009 after publishing Albuquerque Arts magazine for ten years. He writes poetry and essays, many of which were published in Ashland Daily Tidings. He moved to Arroyo Seco with his husband August 2018. He is exploring the mystery of Taos Mountain. His blog is http://julianspalding.wordpress.com

Strisik, Catherine

Catherine Strisik is a poet, author of two poetry collections, The Mistress (3: A Taos Press, 2016) awarded the New Mexico/AZ Book Award for Poetry 2017; Thousand-Cricket Song (Plain View Press 2010, 2016); chapbook, Insectum Gravitis which recently placed as finalist for the Frontier Poetry Chapbook Award; and a few manuscripts-in-progress. She is co-editor of the online journal, Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art. Active in the Taos poetry community for over 36 years, she teaches both group and private poetry workshops, and provides editing consultation for poetry manuscripts. She can be contacted through her website www.cathystrisik.com


Black, Bonnie Lee: Content Editing

After you’ve drafted, written, and revised (multiple times) your manuscript; after you’ve shared it with your best readers (your loved ones, who would never say an unkind word to you); and before you hand it over to a copy editor for spit-polishing in advance of printing, it’s wise to turn to an experienced content editor for his or her objective input.
Why? Because a content editor could make all the difference in the success of your final product.
This is what content editors do: They act as an advocate for your outside reader (who is a stranger to you). They ask the tough questions, such as: Does this make sense? Is the writing as clear, cohesive, and compelling as it could be? Does the story keep the reader’s interest? Why would someone want to buy and read this book? And, most importantly, they give concrete suggestions for making your manuscript better.
If your purpose in writing is to amuse yourself and your entourage, make a book to give away as gifts to family and friends, you’ll likely save time and money by doing without a content editor. But if you plan to publish and sell your story (fiction or nonfiction) as a book -- that is, once you’ve graduated to the level of “professional” -- your product must be the best it can be, for your readers’ as well as your reputation’s sake.
A content editor must be honest, straightforward, experienced, helpful, and, at the same time, kind. I am a content editor. I have many years of experience editing book-length manuscripts, some of which have gone on to win prizes. My rates are competitive and realistic. I’ll be available for new manuscripts after October 2015. For more, please visit my website: www.bonnieleeblack.com or email me: bonnieleeblack@yahoo.com

Dru Philippou

Award-winning prose poetry writer with an MFA degree offers proofreading, copy editing, and private consultations.
Email: druphilippou@aol.com
Phone: 575 737 9113

Golos, Veronica

An expert editor for poetry, poetry manuscripts, memoir and non fiction. With years of experience, and depth of perception.

Isobel O'Hare

Like most editors, I started life as an avid reader. In high school, I advertised pro-bono proofreading and editing services to my classmates. Out of sheer love of the craft, I improved their papers and received thanks from the English department. This abiding love for the written word has carried me through two degrees and into a freelancing career.

During my undergraduate English studies, I served as editor for The Record, Trinity College’s literary journal. My team and I worked hard to resurrect a magazine that had lain dormant for a decade. We took great pride in producing a beautiful collection of high-quality pieces that were each edited in close partnership with their individual authors.

While at Trinity, I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, graduated summa cum laude, and received the Mary Boyle McCrory Award for Excellence in Writing.

As a graduate student in the Writing Program at Vermont College of Fine Arts, I gained insights into the creative process and craft of writing that have served my own projects as well as those of my clients. Sharing space in workshops, lectures, and readings with new and established writers has given me a deep respect for each individual’s process as well as the ability to guide a writer toward her project’s intentions.

Always fascinated by language and eager to learn, I am currently enrolled in UC Berkeley’s Professional Sequence in Editing.

I hold a membership in the Editorial Freelancers Association.


If your manuscript has already gone through an in-depth developmental edit and a subsequent copyedit, then proofreading is the service you need! We’ll blow the last little specks of digital dust off your pages.


I provide excellent copyediting services that reflect expertise in both Chicago and MLA styles. I am also familiar with AP and APA styles and I can adapt to any preferred style guide. My areas of specialty include fiction, poetry, memoir, biography, history, pop culture, film, and the social sciences.


This is the best choice for your manuscript in progress. I will provide close examination of structure, voice, character, narrative arc, and flow. In addition to a line-edited manuscript, you will receive a comprehensive editorial letter that entails overall suggestions for development from a “big picture” perspective.


Do you have a manuscript with unconventional needs? Are you finished with a project and simply want some informal feedback on structure, theme, or next steps? I charge a flat fee for this service that is based on the size of your manuscript. Get in touch and we’ll work out the details.


My rates are based on the standards set by the Editorial Freelancers Association. Shoot me an email at isobel@newwaveediting.com (or fill out the form on the Contact page) with a brief description of your project and the type of editing you require and I’ll get back to you with a quote.

The following are some guidelines:

Proofreading: $30/hour

Basic copyediting: $35/hour

Heavy copyediting: $40/hour

Developmental editing: $50/hour

isobel@newwaveediting.com / 510-934-5601

Livingston, Joan

You have spent months, maybe even years writing a novel or non-fiction book. Now you want to send it off to a prospective agent or an independent publisher. Perhaps you want to publish it yourself. Let me read it first.

Whether it is line editing or copy editing, I can help you make your book be the best it can be.

I am an editor with over 30 years experience as a journalist. I also write fiction. I understand how it works. And I have never missed a deadline.

Contact me for rates, and perhaps an interview either in person or via Skype. My email is joanclivingston@gmail.com. My website is www.joanlivingston.net.

Madrone, Kelly

Kelly Madrone is the award-winning author of two (soon to be three) non-fiction books for and about teens, and more than 100 articles and guest blogs. She is a seasoned writer, editor, and writing coach with experience working in the traditional publishing industry. Kelly offers special rates for NM residents.
Email: ksmadrone@gmail.com
Phone: 240-462-3042

O'Connell, Rita

Rita is a writer, editor, and communications consultant who hails from the mid-Atlantic and New England. She landed in Taos in 2007, immediately after receiving her undergraduate degree in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College.

Areas of expertise include the performing arts, rural policy, youth development, and digital communications.

Perez, David


David Pérez Writing & Editing Services

Honest • Supportive • Professional


I've been writing and editing a long time, and my mission is straightforward: to help you achieve your goals.


Perhaps you need an article to promote your artwork or your business. Or a jazzy profile that captures the essence of your creative vision, or juices up your nonprofit's mission statement.You might require assistance with historical research, someone with an eye for uncovering fascinating background for your memoir or magazine article.


One of my areas of expertise is helping writers read their work aloud. As we all know, great words on the page can fall flat if the writer fails to deliver them well. Drawing on my acting and public speaking experience, I can help make your words come alive in front of an audience. I've also evaluated screenplays and works of fiction, and excel in material with political and social content, the more radical the better. Want to explain the world and change it? Me too.


While I know my strengths, I also recognize where my experience might not be a best fit, and if necessary, I can direct you to someone who can help you better. Whether I'm constructing a article for you or evaluating your novel-in-progress, my motto is: honesty above all else.




We live in difficult economic times and my rates recognize that. The initial one-hour consultation is free. This includes a discussion of your work, and a review of 3 - 4 pages of your writing. For a thorough manuscript evaluation (150 - 300 double-spaced pages) I charge $300. Over 300 pages, the rate is $350.


My hourly rate is $35 - $45, depending on the scope of the project, and I require a minimum of two hours work. I'm always flexible on negotiating flat fees. In fact, this is often the best approach, once it's agreed that our skills, needs and vision are a good match.


To contact me, email dpereztaos@yahoo.com

Rico, Diana

Diana Rico is a seasoned editor, journalist, and documentary producer-writer with many national and international credentials. Diana edits award-winning fiction and nonfiction for University of New Mexico Press, University of Arizona Press, Shambhala Publications, and many other publishers and independent authors. Her staff positions have included being Art Writer of the L.A. Daily News, Editor-in-Chief of International Documentary magazine, and a Senior Producer-Writer for E! Entertainment Television. She is the former curator of the SOMOS Writers Series and has won fellowships and grants from the NEA, the Wurlitzer Foundation, the Harwood Museum of Art, and numerous other organizations. She specializes in the arts, biography, and spiritual/social issues. dianarico@earthlink.net

Rynaski, Helen

Whether it’s explaining scientific jargon or telling a good yarn, the written word can, and should, grab the reader’s attention from the first sentence and hold it through an entire page, chapter, manuscript.
Helen Rynaski is an award-winning writer and editor, and smooth prose is her forte. Her nonfiction articles have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts, and professional journals. She is a former newspaper columnist specializing in child development, learning, and education issues. Her editing credits include memoirs, novels, professional and educational journals, business publications, and technical manuals.
Editing usually involves “tightening up.” Writers love words and tend to use too many, while a competent editor remembers the maxim Less is more. Redunduncies clutter a manuscript; inconsistencies and questionable word choices confuse. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and layout always require attention. The overarching question is: Are you saying what you want to say with the tone and clarity that you intend?
While the above functions can be divided into content or line editing, copy editing, and proofreading, it is difficult to completely separate them into different tasks. I fix what needs to be fixed while in communication with the writer about any gray areas. Therefore, I charge a flat rate of $35 per hour and work diligently to insure maximum value. I include style notes and suggestions that may be beyond the scope of an edit and require significant rewriting.
To begin, I offer an edit of three pages at no charge. You then know what you can expect from me, and I can give you a realistic estimate for the project if you choose to hire me.
Ghostwriting: Do you have a story to tell? Perhaps you have information or expertise to share but don’t consider yourself a writer and can’t face that blank page or screen. Let’s work together to get your thoughts down. Contact me with your ideas and we can decide how to begin.