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$1.00 each
Check out the Surprise Sales on the table between the coffee and the Mystery Section.

Books have evolved from clay tablets to parchment scrolls, from handmade to the printing press, and most lately to the electronic format. Until the 1950’s most books had cloth covered cardboard covers; they were not readily available or affordable. Then the paperback book came along. In the early ‘40s the small mass market books were developed to be light and to fit into the pockets of the service men and women overseas. After WW2, book publishing flourished with the general economy; in the 80’s and 90’s book buying was robust. Most of the books on the SOMOS shelves are from those years of abundance. Now in 2019 we can say that many of these books are OP, no longer being printed, and they are hard to find. However, the $1.00 sale books this month are located only on the front table and in their usual bookcase (under Music). They offer a peek into a bygone era before the 50’s, both visually and in content. They may be of great sentimental as well as monetary value to you. Enjoy browsing into the past!

Check out the Surprise Sale books on the table between the coffee and Mystery Section too.
Remember the NEW BOOKS BY LOCAL AUTHORS near the front entrance. They are full price and taxed.

The GLASS DISPLAY CASE is now featuring the books of local Taos author Frank Waters.
DONATIONS are appreciated and create our interesting inventory. Donated books need to be clean and in reasonably good condition. Deliver ONLY during store hours. There is a 3 box limit per week per person or by special arrangement with Danielle or Jan. No textbooks, magazines, cassettes or romance novels, please.

If we can’t find a book you want, ask the desk person to make a BOOK SEARCH request. The title and your contact information will be entered in the Book Searches Notebook. We will contact you when/if the book appears.

FREE BOOK cases are outside on the front and back portals. Help yourself!

PRICES with some individual exceptions:
Hard cover and regular paper back $3.00
Mass Market .50 each or 5 for $1.00
Kids/YA $1 or .50 DVD’s $1.00 CD’s .50

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