OUT LOUD! Speak Poetry to Your Life with David Perez

Local author, actor, and performer David Perez leads a workshop on reading your poetry out loud.

Deadline: April 14, 2018


The earliest poetry was oral. People chanted it, sang it, recited it—and they still do. Poetry isn’t just for the eye and the mind. It’s meant to be given voice.

Yet there’s plenty of space between the page and the stage. In this fun-filled workshop by local author and actor David Pérez, you’ll discover how improvisation can launch a poem to new heights, adding skills to the writing process itself, and vitality to its performance.

What happens, for instance, if we read a poem like a fairy tale? Or shouting to the heavens? Or running in place? In addition to experimenting, we will discuss the elements of a good public reading, both in preparation and delivery. Breath control, enunciation, comfort and confidence, all play a role in speaking our poetry to life.

Bring a short, two-minute poem to read. All levels welcome!

Saturday, April 14 from 2 - 5 pm
@ SOMOS, 108 Civic Plaza Drive
Cost: $40 SOMOS members, $45 non-members

Eight-person maximum • Register early! • Call 758-0081, or email somos@somostaos.org

David Pérez is a local author, actor, editor, radio host, and teacher with decades of experience in performance and public readings.