Capital Campaign

SOMOS is securing its place in Taos, a place where words matter
– because words can change worlds.

With this belief, we ask you to join SOMOS in securing a place in Taos that honors words – both written and spoken. Our place is located at 108 Civic Plaza Drive, within the emerging creative corridor, allowing SOMOS one of the most desirable locations possible for growing our influence and reach.

An unexpected bequest received in late 2016 from Sue Carol Francis of Fort Collins, Colorado, has allowed us to make a down payment on this property. 

As of November 2018, SOMOS has raised over $300,000 and is working to raise $25,000 more in order to be mortgage-free by the spring of 2019.

The charts in the Purchase Prospectus below illustrate both the capital-campaign budget and the operating budget. The bequest from Sue Carol Francis allows SOMOS to maintain a $100,000 invested reserve equal to one year’s operating costs.

We believe the impact of SOMOS on this community is strengthened by location, ease of access, and the security that comes with ownership. By owning this building, our finances will be protected by reduced overhead, allowing us to launch new programs aimed at engaging the community with literacy, literature and story. We know our mission is not to own real estate; however, building a permanent presence is part of our vision.

It is with the collective support of community members like you that we can realize our goal of making this vision for Taos a reality.

All donors who contribute $1,000 or more will be permanently recognized on site at 108 Civic Plaza Drive. Unless individual donors indicate otherwise, 10% of capital-campaign donations will go toward annual SOMOS programs. Donors who prefer to remain anonymous will be honored as such.

SOMOS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible.

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View PDF of Purchase Prospectus, August 2018 (12-page 7MB file)
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